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Socially driven design & marketing that connects through shared values.

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"Megan brings a level of knowledge and creativity that has truly elevated our capacity. It is rare to work with someone who so quickly integrates as part of the team to the point that they can anticipate your needs."

- Rachel Mansell, VP of Programs and Operations at the Mosaic Institute


You make a difference, we make sure people know about it. We help charities, non-profits, social enterprises, and B-Corps optimize their digital communications to showcase impact, build support, and maximize growth.


We work with purpose-led organizations because, well, life is too short to do work you don’t believe in! Whether the work you do is through support programs, equity, diversity, sustainability, workers’ rights, or any other value-driven mission, our goal is to connect you with your target demographic through shared values.


If there is ever something we don't know how to do, we'll learn. Design and marketing are constantly evolving, making it vital for client and personal success to adopt a growth mindset.


Providing clients with the best design and marketing outcomes is all in the details. You better believe we quadruple proofread copy, triple check every design, and keep our working files obsessively organized.


Every decision we make–for your website, branding, campaign, or social media–is strategic. We assess your target demographic, existing analytics, positioning, and brand perception to build a plan that works.



My name is Megan. I am a passionate and value-driven Toronto-based creative who has 3 cats and too many plants to count.


Before I started Twentytwenty Design, I started Twentytwenty Arts, a non-profit that helped charities find new and creative ways to fundraise using art. This experience is what inspired me to expand my work and start Twentytwenty Design. 

Outside of my work, I am a mental health advocate, housing affordability advocate,  

and a harm reduction advocate. I live my values and bring that to every organization I work with.

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"We can't recommend Twentytwenty Design enough. Megan's expertise in marketing and graphic design were key assets for running a successful fundraising campaign which helped us raise over $100,000 for our programs and services."

- Kallan Lyons, Communications Supervisor at Homes First

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"Megan’s outstanding design abilities, media savvy and exceptional work ethic make the team at Twentytwenty Design an absolute joy to work with."

- Gillian Smith Clark, Editor in Chief of KBI Inspire Magazine


An effective digital engagement strategy is multi-layered. It needs to be memorable, add value, be consistent, have clear messaging, but most of all, be authentic. Whether you're starting from scratch or just need a little bit of support, we've got you covered.


- templates and post assets

- focused strategy and content pillars

- posting schedules
- social media analytics reports
- outreach planning
- engagement on all platforms

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- brand development
- visual systems
- logo design
- digital collateral design
- print collateral design


We create website assets that understand the importance of visual hierarchy, clear messaging, and user experience in converting sales or donations.


- strategic planning (helping you build a roadmap!)
- cohesive design assets

- content production

- press/media support

- outreach

- any and all consulting


The way you communicate with your audience, and the value you provide, keeps them coming back. We can help you write copy that entices, dazzles, and converts:

- on your website

- in campaigns

- on social media

- in full-length blogs

We are always looking for talented people to work with. Interested in using your skills and expertise in digital marketing, graphic design, copy writing, or video editing to support worthy causes? Send us an e-mail:

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